onsdag 5. mai 2010

Long time, no see.

Not been to that meny conserts or partys latly, but I think time for a uppdate.

My first car :D Her name is Belle.

Yes, just like the green one, but in english they call her Buttercup :P.

Just had to put this one out :)
2 cars crashed right infront of us the other day.

This was taken right after my first real collision this winter.
Hahaha. just broke some lights, but the other car was totaled.
Guess who's fault it was... :-*

Anyways, theese days... The sun has finaly hit Norway.

I'm just chilling with my homedoggs (Harley)

Blazing in the boondocks. ;)
And yeah, I almost forgot, got a new job a automotive/hardware-store-thing and I've recorded a DEMO song for the next album. This new shit will break the fan when it hits.
Instead of nagging me for the free track, buy the album (Sid - Fra Asken) or something (Sid - The Party Must Go On) and it will be out sooner ;)

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