fredag 24. juli 2009

Stepping up

My brothers, Stian and Svein Roar and Stians daughter, Malin.

Walk on!

The ski-jump thing from the 94' olympics.

The Fanwalk Freaks, you can see them talking,
coz a stalker like me will never stop walking,
ready for whatever, coz someone's always jelaus,
juz look into my eyez if you wanna know what hell is,
do I have to spell this bisj, I'm the best,
staight out of Norway, no time to rest,
+47, the code you need to know,
step up to me and fall like 6 feet of snow.
My new single "The Party MUST Go On!" is printing as I write.
You can find it on iTunes from 22.08.2009, or buy a copy from 21.08.2009.