fredag 13. desember 2013

Got a new walkman.

Theese are my old ones.

fredag 8. november 2013

New myspace agein... Hope this one work. still.
Dropped a free track from Clean Cheats.
EMA's going on, but I'm not going...
Atleast this time I got MTV! :D

lørdag 11. mai 2013

So thats it then? I'm outa the band?

You know it ain't mutch to do around here, so I joined a local band (veeery local).
Saw this old ass flyer, so I toght they'd be desprate for a bass player.
Hit them up on a PM, and they be all like "we got a bunch of giggs, and we gonna play our own songs and shit", but it was empty words.
They gave me a list of songs, so I had to download them all and find notes and shit, not very helpful people.
On the first practice this nerdy-guitar guy was all like "you need a new amp and shit" and then he had he's dirty guitarist-fingers all over my settings, like he knew what he was doing.
And then like "we pay a lot to hire this place, pay up sucka".
The next practice noone showed up, but after that the guitarist said "we hate all the music you like, we just play cover songs, and that 600$ brand new amplifier you boght sounds like shit".
I was like "I learned all the songs and shit" and they was like "we hate you, awesome music won't get you anywhere".

Anyway, some time went by and I played a lot of hillbilly music, for the lack of anything else to do.
Finely the drummer said "hey, lets play something that is not booring as hell" and finely the lame ass guitar-nerd caved, so we found 5-6 songs to practice, over twice the number of songs we had before.
Then the next time the guitar-nerd started to play some other song I had never heard about, but I tried to figure the shit out, but then I asked "how long do we play the first note before we change?" and he flipped out and started screaming about how professionals play songs without ever getting notes or hearing them.
I was like "why did we even practice the new songs then?", having spent all my cash on new equipment and crappy ass songs on iTunes I was for the 900th time thinking: just quit.

The next week the lead singer texted me like "we need to talk" or some shit like that, and was like "YES!".
A few days before the first gigg, the lame ass guitar-player had convinced one other person in the band I had to go, or he's nazi-like controll of the epicly lame cover band may be compromised.
Got to confess I liked 2 songs, but I got them on my Ipod now, so it's without a powertripping guitarist complaining to discuise he's lack of guitar-playing-skills.
Funny, but pointless.

"I'll start my own band, with black jack and hookers! When I think about it, forget the band"......

søndag 17. mars 2013

About time.

Been keeping the blogging on the down low.
Had some stalker issues, and this time it's not me doing the stalking...
Not that anything special has been up the last year.
My car is broken, my album flopped, left her and it's cold, but getting better.
2012 ended in a long ass party/getaway/victory.

My cell phone had 10 years of dust on the lens, so the pictures be like my memory: blury.
Went to the 7 year aneversery for MTV Norway in Oslo.

Me looking like shit in a pretty suit.

And then...
You can read?

The Fanwalkers walk forever!

Heidi Klum looking fresh.

If it's not old yet, it's a classic.


Yo ring is on fai-a-ahhhhh-uhh-ohhh-o-å.

Whats left of the glass zeplin is still laying around in Frankfurt.
Who put that there?

So fo' 2013? Nada....
I was expecting the end of the world and shit, so I sold the rights to my life to a crappy realityshow and spend the cash on booze and pokemoncards.
Some band want me in, so maybe I'll be a backupsinger to the Hillbillibillsbuildersband unless someone else will pay me to be a awesomelyepic blogger.