søndag 16. august 2009

Øya part 2

Here is the rest of the story and the flix from my K850...
If you missed out on the first part you can find it on the post below this one.

Old tickets.

My favorite statues from Oslo
Waiting for Katznjammer @ Stortorget
Katznjammer @ Trikken
Bare Egil @ GSF
Going into the Festival area for the first time.
Datarock @ Øya
Fanwalk bus?
They gave out t-shirts and stuff, and they let me take o look at the new Sony Ericsson phones like the c905 and w995.
Awsome, but they wuld'nt let me drink beer on the bus :(:(

EA Games had like a stand there... Or a float maybe :P
I got to try Rock Band: Beatles and the new Need For Speed.
Good way to kill time between conserts.
Samsaya @ Youngstorget
Free consert with Lebara i think.
Enslaved @ Øya
Kind of dark, but wery awsome!

The Norwegian Queen of Soul:
Noora Noor @ Øya.
Best live band I saw in this festival. <3

OK... The sun is going down, it's raing, I'm hungry and broke.
I'm going home!

Since I moved from Oslo to Lillehammer last summer the thing I missed the most is a good kebab... This is the kebab test:
Smuget Gatakjøkken (or Gatekjøkken on Norwegian) - The only permanent Kebab stand in Lillehammer... It sucks ass!
Bislet Kebab - Known in Oslo as the best, the taste is OK, but I'll rather eat something that don't make me sick when I'm clubbing.
New Beirut Kebab - A good friend of mine showed me this place like 2 years ago, best Kebab in OSLO! If you disagree give me a bether Kebab and shut up.
Anyway, the new singles are @ the postoffice right now, so I'll pick them up first thing in the moring.
The relasedate is set to 21th of August, but you mail me I'll send you one as soon as you can pay me ;)

fredag 14. august 2009

Øya festivalen 09 part 1

I use 2 phones, and usulay I use a phone i the Cybershot series for my blogging, but since I leave it in the locker when I go for some serious partying I have some of them on my W760, and that is what You'll see now, the others will be blogged when I get home.

Anyway, Øya is great and I love it. They even have a Fanwalk bus from Sony Ericsson.

First, the clubnight: Tirsdag.

Ronny Pøbel @ Garage i think.

Cyaneed @ Elm Street

The Sk8park. G.S.F. Represent


Blodbank @ GSF

The Bronx @ Sjøsiden (øya)

Rainbow... It's raining, so bether room for me infront of the stage.

Satyricon @ Sjøsiden

Nice place for a nap.


Marit Larsen @ Enga

Thats it for now, come back sunday for the whole story :D
Now....! Party, party, party, party!!!!!

mandag 10. august 2009

Lucky 13

I've been winning stuff all my life.
I think that I do coz I spend a lot of time entering competitions, but most will call me a lucky bastard.
Since I'm going to another music-festival tomorrow (yeah, I won the tickets), I toght I'd try to make a list of the stuff I've won.

Oslo Music Festival 2007 or 2008 - Don't remember the competition.
Necro @ Blå 2008 - I wrote what I like about Necro, kind of funny topic if you know Necro.
Sony Ericsson Fanwalk 2008 - Make a profile and get people to vote for you.
The Voice:
A bunch of CD's and crap - 3 questions about you'r favorite artist (Warlocks).
Øya 2009 - Write about you'r best memory with the magazine.
A bunch of free magazines - I have'nt done anything realy, but they sendt me free maggz for a year.
National Rap Show (P3):
Subway sketch book + Stickers - Send name and adress.
Full Levi's Outfit - Name 2 Norwegian Rappers.

I won more stuff when I was a kid, but I will stop braging now.
How about you?
Hit me back with with you'r list if you'r lucky.

The most important thing is to enter!

PS:I will try to update my blog alot this week, so stay tuned for stuff from the ØYA festival :D:D:D