onsdag 17. desember 2014

Welding ain't easy

Learning to weld so I can fix up my golf and maybe get a better job.
Takes up a lot of time, so I'm sorry that I have not been that outgoing.
Finally got over 1000 streams on Spotify for a Norwegian track, but still need to get a song recorded in a proper studio before I drop music.
Made a remix for Gorgon City, free stream and download.
Click photo to play, click the dots to open a menu and select "last ned" to download the song as mp3.

fredag 18. juli 2014


Who had one of these? Trying to get turn on all of them at the same time to take a photo is impossible :-(

fredag 6. juni 2014

fredag 23. mai 2014


Rye Rye, Robyn - Never Will Be Mine (R3hab Remix): http://youtu.be/jCu7u8zSyEY

fredag 18. april 2014


For some this might be easy, but I see it as a big decision picking format for my music.
I just got a memory card with 32 gigabytes, so now I can use more space to keep that quality-sound on the music I put on my phone.
MP3 is like modern tapes, convenient but at a great cost.
WAV maybe older, but still just like the CD with thicker sound and more substance.

torsdag 13. mars 2014

So it is a colection now?

 Short story long.
A friend of a friend cut himselves when very drunk.
They did not know that the "hospital" is closed at 4 in the morning, so I had to drive them to another town to get to a doctor.
My friend gave me he's W995 for the ride, happy me since I wanted that one bad.
I probebly sold hundreds of them since I was a salesman for a big operator at the time it was new, but I could never aford one for myselves.
Been missing my orginal Fanwalk phone, the W760i, and after I finely got a new display and various parts for it from the US it's alive!
I found all my old txts, and the lost numbers to all the Fanwalkers, but now I don't dare to call them...

Other news, my new Z1 Compact with the Smart Image Stand.
This phone is so good it is insane, beats my Nintendo wii by 1450 mhz and my computer by 200 mhz, to fast for yall.
To remove the new phone film or wait untill it falls off?

søndag 5. januar 2014

Just melting metal.

Finely got a grown up job as a welder. Made this blue stand the other day for practice. It is a stand for building-lights made of aluminum. People still tell me to get a proper job, but I don't think I'd get anything more proper then this without selling my soul :-P