torsdag 13. mars 2014

So it is a colection now?

 Short story long.
A friend of a friend cut himselves when very drunk.
They did not know that the "hospital" is closed at 4 in the morning, so I had to drive them to another town to get to a doctor.
My friend gave me he's W995 for the ride, happy me since I wanted that one bad.
I probebly sold hundreds of them since I was a salesman for a big operator at the time it was new, but I could never aford one for myselves.
Been missing my orginal Fanwalk phone, the W760i, and after I finely got a new display and various parts for it from the US it's alive!
I found all my old txts, and the lost numbers to all the Fanwalkers, but now I don't dare to call them...

Other news, my new Z1 Compact with the Smart Image Stand.
This phone is so good it is insane, beats my Nintendo wii by 1450 mhz and my computer by 200 mhz, to fast for yall.
To remove the new phone film or wait untill it falls off?

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