mandag 28. september 2009

How musicians can sell more CDs

This is relevant if you wanna be faous of you'r music

mandag 14. september 2009

Pa-pa-party people!

Just a little uppdate coz I thoght I had to meny party photoes on my phones.
People from work @ a job party thing...


I'm not realy shure where this party was, but it must have been funny.

Yeah, I got my hair fixed. Finely.
What do you think about the "Moby Dick" Koss Porta Pro?

Nice and kind of funny.

fredag 4. september 2009

Done, done and DONE!

The new single "the Party MUST Go On!" is now out on Sid - The Party Must Go On and a bunch of other online music stores.
They played a track on The National Rap-Show on the Norwegian radio P3, you can hear a cut from there and another track from the new single for free on

I've finely found a new hairdresser, so tomorrow I'l do something about my baaaaaaaaad hair year, wish me luck.

Lucky MEE!
I've gotten a chanse play at Oslo World Music Festival and By:Larm, get more radio play and get 10.000 kr (like 1200€ maybe), so please vote for me @
What sucks is that I have to play the 4th of november if I get enuf votes, witch is the first day of the FanWalk thing, so I have to figure out something smart to make both things happen.
FanWalk comes first of course :)
If you haven't you shuld join us @

I listed a bunch of stuff I've won earlier, since then I have won:
3 Tee-shirts.
1 towel.
1 Signed Tommy Tee CD.
1 Jester & Don Martin CD.
A bunch of stickers.
I need a new car, know where I can win one?

Some of you guyes might remember the beer-cap thing from earlier...
Here is a quick uppdate.
Moore beer, less problems :D