søndag 17. mars 2013

About time.

Been keeping the blogging on the down low.
Had some stalker issues, and this time it's not me doing the stalking...
Not that anything special has been up the last year.
My car is broken, my album flopped, left her and it's cold, but getting better.
2012 ended in a long ass party/getaway/victory.

My cell phone had 10 years of dust on the lens, so the pictures be like my memory: blury.
Went to the 7 year aneversery for MTV Norway in Oslo.

Me looking like shit in a pretty suit.

And then...
You can read?

The Fanwalkers walk forever!

Heidi Klum looking fresh.

If it's not old yet, it's a classic.


Yo ring is on fai-a-ahhhhh-uhh-ohhh-o-å.

Whats left of the glass zeplin is still laying around in Frankfurt.
Who put that there?

So fo' 2013? Nada....
I was expecting the end of the world and shit, so I sold the rights to my life to a crappy realityshow and spend the cash on booze and pokemoncards.
Some band want me in, so maybe I'll be a backupsinger to the Hillbillibillsbuildersband unless someone else will pay me to be a awesomelyepic blogger.