fredag 4. september 2009

Done, done and DONE!

The new single "the Party MUST Go On!" is now out on Sid - The Party Must Go On and a bunch of other online music stores.
They played a track on The National Rap-Show on the Norwegian radio P3, you can hear a cut from there and another track from the new single for free on

I've finely found a new hairdresser, so tomorrow I'l do something about my baaaaaaaaad hair year, wish me luck.

Lucky MEE!
I've gotten a chanse play at Oslo World Music Festival and By:Larm, get more radio play and get 10.000 kr (like 1200€ maybe), so please vote for me @
What sucks is that I have to play the 4th of november if I get enuf votes, witch is the first day of the FanWalk thing, so I have to figure out something smart to make both things happen.
FanWalk comes first of course :)
If you haven't you shuld join us @

I listed a bunch of stuff I've won earlier, since then I have won:
3 Tee-shirts.
1 towel.
1 Signed Tommy Tee CD.
1 Jester & Don Martin CD.
A bunch of stickers.
I need a new car, know where I can win one?

Some of you guyes might remember the beer-cap thing from earlier...
Here is a quick uppdate.
Moore beer, less problems :D

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