fredag 14. august 2009

Øya festivalen 09 part 1

I use 2 phones, and usulay I use a phone i the Cybershot series for my blogging, but since I leave it in the locker when I go for some serious partying I have some of them on my W760, and that is what You'll see now, the others will be blogged when I get home.

Anyway, Øya is great and I love it. They even have a Fanwalk bus from Sony Ericsson.

First, the clubnight: Tirsdag.

Ronny Pøbel @ Garage i think.

Cyaneed @ Elm Street

The Sk8park. G.S.F. Represent


Blodbank @ GSF

The Bronx @ Sjøsiden (øya)

Rainbow... It's raining, so bether room for me infront of the stage.

Satyricon @ Sjøsiden

Nice place for a nap.


Marit Larsen @ Enga

Thats it for now, come back sunday for the whole story :D
Now....! Party, party, party, party!!!!!

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