torsdag 22. april 2010

Do 4 Love

You don't have to scroll down a lot to find a youtube video of this song on this blog from before.
I've been crazy about this song since I first heard it like 14 years ago...(?!)
If you havent heard the final verson before, you shuld absolutly take the few minutes it takes to realy listen to this beautyful song as last perfected by 2Pac.

That verson was released just before he died I guess, but if you look around you'll find theese 3 foloving songs who where all difrent versons of the song abowe in a way....

Personaly not my favorite verson ... The remix is bether ;)

Basicly the same take as the albumverson, but a difrent beat.

The first 2Pac verson of the song, some other lyrics with a very interesting twist in the 2nd part.
You might think it stops there, but I'll take it all the way, coz this tune got deep roots

I culd probebly put out 10 more of theese, but I'll let you check on the tube yourselves if you realy care :P
This shuld be the original song....?

Nooo.... ? That's way to cheesy :P When I come to think about it, it must be this one?

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