torsdag 9. juni 2011


So long Lillehammer.

As I wrote earlyer I won a dreamday at the expence of MTV, Quicksilver, Moxtex, Nordic Car Service, Cosmo Beauty, Friis&Company, Champagneria, Red Bull and L'Oreal.
The contest was on and promotes U.S. Skins witch started airing on Norwegian MTV in May I think.
This flick is from Moxtex where the lucky ones met up to got a introduction to MTV and Skins and info about the day.

I must admit that those fancy designershops creep me out a bit, but if you'r into fancy-smansy Moxtex is the rizzl-shizzle.

Quicksilver hooked us up with some paddleboards or what ever they call it.
It's like surfing without the waves in a good way.
I can admit that I have failed Sk8boarding and Snowboarding due to no balance, but this was totaly awsome.
We got wet suits, but it was realy smooth tempreture, to be Norway in June that is.

This is the surfdudes from Quicksilver who hooked us up with the boards and the threds I guess.

They held a contest with the paddleboards and my team won by 1 or 2 inces, so the 2 best teams won a stay at their surfhotel thing.

I'll defenetly uppdate ya'll on that later.

After that we went back to Moxtex and got like a makeover.

It was like makup girls and stylists, the girls went crazy and tryed on everything in the store.

They gave me a bunch of tee's, a ziphood, surf-shorts, flip-flops, a lot of Red Bull, more L'Oreal products then I toght excised for guyes, a New York guide book and a keychain.

I'll post some more flicks of my threads later.

After that we went to Champagneria, some fancy tapas place on the westside.

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