søndag 5. juni 2011


I culd write all day long about what MTV used to be to us when we grew up.

A normal saying was that there is always something good on MTV.

Things might have changed, and nowadays Youtube is the mainprovider of fresh music videos... Sad but it's still a fact.

The whole reason that MTV is so important to me is not just that they broght me music all my life, they have given me all of the awsomest experiences in all of my life.

The first time I won a contest on MTV I got 2 passes to the "Oslo Music Week" back in 2005 or 06. I met Tommy Tee and Ken Ring at had the best time ever.

That realy opened my eyes for contests like that, and I started entering any good online contest.

Like a year later I won 2 tickets for a Necro consert at Blå at another MTV contest, and I met him and the crew to, hardest consert ever.

Then it was the Sony Ericsson MTV Fanwalk. Thats a longer story, but to make it short:

I won a trip to England, where I had to walk 400 km from London to Liverpool in 11 days to see the European Music Awards 2008 with 100 other awsome people.

To be honest I have won a bunch of others conserts, but usualy it's just some crappy CD's or bad promotional crap.... Somethings it's the good shit like tickets or good promotional crap, but MTV ALWAYS hand me the best of the good shit.

All I ever do is write my name and anser a few quick questions and they give me everything I culd ever dream of.

This time I won a DREAMDAY on the expence of MTV and Quicksilver, see you in the V.I.P.s ;)

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