onsdag 11. november 2009

E.M.A. 2009 in Berlin

All good Fanwalk stories shuld start with walking.
This is when I walked to the trainstation at 5 in the morning.

My first meeting with the EMA at the airport.

Hørtes ut som et bra land.

Meeting up with the Fanwalkers.


Femke and Edward I think?


The Lady who did my hair, check out the salon @ Köpenicker Str. 1a if you ever go to Berlin.

Bether then usual.

The River invitation.

It was like hundreds of bouncy balls being dropped into the river.
Kind of cool, guess it's a part of the new Sony Ericsson comercial.

Marte and Annelen all dressed up.

Me drinking :D Can't go to Germany without tasting the beer.

2 of the 2009 Fanwalkers, Titz and a drunk.

More Titz :P
Lookin' fresh.
Some of the Fanwalk Freaks:
Susanne, Lauren and one of the new ones.

Nice roof for a club. Rodeo Club I think.
The free booze and V.I.P. tickets made this a great night be shitfaced.

The morning after... In front of the O2 Areana.

Karina posing

First entering the arena, "Pit Posse" tickets.

First Band On Stage:

Green Day, lots of pyro goin' on.


Beonce lookin' fresh.

Think this is Foo Fighters?
Don't hassle the Hoff

Tokio Hotel set all their shit on fire.

Afterpaty :D
We did'nt get tickets, atleast not any real ones :P
Pretty awsome with free booze, free food, free sigarettes and awsome music.

Not shure who this is, but I guess it's Anna and Caroline lookin' nice.
Not shure when I took this one neither, but looks like a nice cat-fight so I had to blog it ;)

Brandenburger Tor

The moring after: Movies, This is it.

Like a real fancy pancy mall.

This mall had a bunch of garbage.

A memorial thing of where the wall used to be.

Back home, this is when I was a DJ in a birthday party.
Anyway, a great trip to Berlin. Atleast what I remember of it.
Take a look at http://www.fanwalk.tv/ for more flicks of the trip to Berlin and the E.M.A.'s
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