tirsdag 3. november 2009

Berlin here i come!

I havent been able to blog since my WLAN card in my computer is broken, so I can't get on-line at home.
Since last time I've gotten my shit togheter and gotten my driverslicense and a car.
I made both tests at the first attempt, and that's awsome to be me.
The car is a Golf 3, 1.8 GT Special, not mint, but I still love it. (photo will come later)

Anyway, the 2009 Fanwalk is already rolling so check http://www.fanwalk.tv to stay uppdated.
The Fanwalkers from 2008 will join the 2009 Fanwalkers the 4th of november in Berlin I guess.
Mabe they put up a new blog for me and stuff, in that case I will put up a link.
Ahhh, it will be great.
So stay tuned and show Sony Ericsson some BIG libe!

To all the Fanwalkers: Remember to buy my new CD! "The Party MUST Go On!" I will bring a few to Berlin, so you will have to be quick to get a copy unless you get it on iTunes.

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