fredag 26. desember 2008


Norwegian x-mas traditions will always be crazy to me.
Like this old flick about the old lady and her butler who realy is like a new years thing anyway is always on norwegian tv on night before x-mas.
Alot of nasty fat food (we all love it), x-mas beer, new towels and socks, the drunkest guy in the famely in a red fat-suit, singing along for songs you hate and the neverending yak-yak-yak...
Guess I shuld be happy it's over, but still I'll be looking forward to the next one.
Maybe I'll be the drunk guy in the costume making a scene next year.
X-mas must be the shit for ritch folks, all they ever talk about is all the shit you need to get the x-mas spirit and stuff.... Fcuk that, fcuk the cola-santa.
I'll be using the same shit I used last year, out of the box, my plastic three lives on. Only 5.99$ including lights and shit,.
Money is the last thing that can ever get in the way of the true x-mas spirit.
Like 2 days before x-mas I had no food, no gifts, no cash whatsoever, but I sold of some of my most precius stuff (when you don't have shit everything is) and went out and boght some gifts for my famely, food and whatever. 5 finger discount helpes a lot theese days.
My point is that when I finaly got all theese material things I realized that even if I was broke and alone all x-mas I'd be having a bether time then most of the people out there, and the gifts I did all this crazy shit to get... Most of the people I gave it to culdnt give less of a shit about what I gave them, noone remeber who gave what anymore....
What mathers the most is who you're with theese days, and more important, what YOU do.
Being lonely sucks the most at x-mas, but x-mas is the time for miracels or figuring shit out, so get on with it!
The darkest and coldest times in Norways long cold winter, if I can get trugh this, the new dawn must be in sight.

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