tirsdag 30. desember 2008

Finely got the last photos from the FanWalk

Yes! The photoes from my old-school camera is here! Sorry it took so long, but now they are here for ya'll to see.

First photo on the films was my brothers dog "Ronja". Coolest dog ever!

Waiting in the airport in London first day.

Big Ben, used to mutch film to get this :P

Some guy on the street showing us the ass?


My team the first day.

Lauren, Chloe, Marte and Emma.

Having a break.


To Liverpool ehhy?

Chilling in the sun by the canal.


In Birmingham I think.

Like in the hills, the day we went to the castle.

The last day, great graffiti spot!

Emma and Lauren.


Annelen, Caroline, me and Susanne.

The MTV ball or whatever it is.

For me? Oh thanks, man!

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