søndag 14. august 2011

Picking up the slack... 15th of July

Yeah, uh.. You know Norway and all that... Plans don't flip flop like they shuld, and lots of stress.

To the "point"; my good cameraphone (SE K850i or what it's called) is broken.

The lenscover won't open, so untill my brother fixes it, I'll have to use a old Nokia 5 series something... The camera ain't good at all and I still can't find my USB-cable.... Sorry it took so long. Enuf excuses...

Here are the pix from the awsome MTV party in Tønsberg 15th of July.

They almost threw me out in the door, and I was on the VIP list.

Fancy party, fancy people.... FREE BOOOOZE! Yeah!

People waiting to get in... I missed all the famous people except the Norwegian fitness queen "Kari Jackeson" (not on the photo).

Ozzy from Snapback with the "Tigherstanden" cap to the right BTW.

The showcars. A old ambulance and a Redbull pickup with DJ rig and speakers.

The inside DJ... Don't know he's name, but I've seen him on TV.

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