tirsdag 19. mai 2009

I am somebodey!

"Yeah, you wish!"
Myspace.com/sidgh2 got 7933 hits and I started keeping track of the hits when I got 5000 (november 2008), and 3000 hits in half a year is not to bad I guess... but my blog has like 600, even kingsize.no/sid has 750 hits.
You might be thinking: why do you care?
And the awnser is simple: Because I get paid for doing my blog, just not untill I have 10 times as meny hits, and thats like 5 years of work for 10.000€, so I hope you enjoy reading this.
Anyway, blogging might make you ritch, but you shuld not quit you'r dayjob...
Unless it sucks... Enywhoom, I want a new job!
The clip of me from TV2 has 64.111 hits and the duplicats got 53.390 and 47.147 hits on youtube, sucks getting paid so little for that bullish.
I shuld defenetly hurt somebody, but I can't decide between the sound-guy and the judge.
Hey Hey


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