tirsdag 23. desember 2008

Word up..

If you're on tv, don't flip out and break the eqipment, ok? They will bill you. Like i wuld have money to pay a bill all of a sudden.
What I toght was a TV audition was like a pre-casting, so when I showed up and got a slot for the TV audition I was already in a lot of trubble since I was broke when I got there, and had to stay for like another week to get on the TV shoot.
So I slept whereever I culd, 5 finger discount you know, hand to mouth and under the bridge and all of that crap, but Bergen was great.
It was a realy cool to see the city and meet all the people, but when I showed up for the TV-thing they fcuked me just for the hell of it.
I didn't get any soundcheck, you might think it's not a big deal, but it fcuked up my whole act since I culdn't hear the beat when I was starting so I made like a big scene and freaked out.
Like as a diss to the soundguy for not giving me the 2 minutes it takes to get comforteble on stage and get within normal monitor levels so I culd hear what fuck was going on, I threw the microphone to the audience.
Of course they cut it to look like something ealse happend, like mutch worse.
They put it in an angle who makes it look like I'm like pissed because they X me out, but of course they will X me when I did'nt get a fair shot, being a rapper is har enuf as it is in that contest.
I used to work as a soundboy, so I know the equipment you know, and this was no ordenary "sorry, no time for a soundcheck" more like "we fcuk with you to make good tv".
I did'nt even break the microphone but of course they say I did in the media, what a fcuking blame game just beacouse I made the judge Jan Erik Karstein cry in front of the audience.
They left me waiting for 5 hours for no reason, like "you can eat after the soundcheck"... What fucking soundcheck dumbass!?!?!?
Guess I'll never be to famous for theese bullshit shows, but atleast I got on TV. I got 100 hits on Myspace, the Fanwalk gave me 1000 hits, so join the Fanwalk instead if you want to get famous.
Noone watch TV anymore anyway.... Right? :P maybe I shuld try to get more radio-play next time instead....!

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